What Are The Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Published: 28th September 2011
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If you have just started to play golf or consider yourself to be a relative novice, then one question that will have almost certainly crossed your mind at some point or another is ‘What are the best golf balls for beginners to play with?’

Golf ball manufacturers will continue to spend absolute fortunes on developing the best golf balls for players of all abilities and skill levels, by utilizing the very latest cutting edge designs and technology, because they understand that every golfer has different needs and requirements when it comes to getting the most out of game.

It is important to understand that as a beginner, by definition, you will not have gained the experience and skills to have completely mastered your golf swing yet. You will probably find that you are inevitably miss-hitting, topping, duffing, slicing or hooking a lot of your shots and therefore you will benefit from a type of golf ball that is going to be more forgiving and offer you maximum distance off the tee.

So the first type of golf balls you should try and avoid buying are the ones at the premium end of the market, which include the 3, 4 and 5 piece construction balls, like the Titleist Pro V1’s or the new TaylorMade Penta TP’s, not only because these type of balls are the most expensive but they will tend to exaggerate any flaws in your game, including slicing or hooking due to the higher spin rates.

These are the best golf balls for the more accomplished players and Touring professionals who are looking for exceptional feel and control around the greens, and are prepared to sacrifice distance and ball flight control because they have sufficient length off the tee and have full control over their shot shaping abilities.

Luckily the Best Golf Balls For Beginners are at the cheaper end of the market, with the more durable 2-piece construction balls, like the Srixon AD333 or the Callaway Warbird Plus.

These balls are not only designed to last longer because of their harder, more durable covers, but they are also specifically optimized for distance and direction control, which are the two most important requirements that beginner golfers are looking for!

Another great option to consider is buying used or recycled balls. These can be some of the best golf balls for beginners because they are cheaper than buying new, and can come in a variety of conditions, with some of them having only been hit a few times and appearing almost as new!

For more ideas, reviews and information on how to save money and find the Best Golf Balls for your game, please take a moment to visit my Golf Ball Reviews site, and start taking your golfing performance to a whole new level!

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